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Old 12-11-2009, 10:12 AM
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Default About all the EWQLSO articulations...

Do any of you actually use the different SO articulations with success? I'm talking about sustained vs sustained legato vs expressive legato etc.. ; that is, the articulations that differ by internal programming but use the same samples. Especially in the strings, I find it much easier to draw an expression curve than spend countless minutes changing articulations and trying them out for each line (especially since 99% of real musical expression is not on a note by note basis anyway). That being said, I'm rather new to the library, so I want to ask the veterans what articulations do you find the most useful? Do you bother with constantly changing articulations?

To further compound the program, I am really disappointed that the instruction manual never mentions which articulations share the same samples, as well as the exact differences in programming. It's a great library of sounds, but seems to lack organization.
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articulations, expression, legato, sustained

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