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Old 12-06-2018, 03:48 AM
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Default Samples on a hard drive on SATA II controller - will PCI-E SATAIII card help?

I read in EW's own documentation that SATAII is an older standard that has much lower throughput than SATAIII or USB3. There is a recommendation for putting an SSD (or two in RAID) on a SATAII PCI-E expansion card.

My question: Will such a card increase performance with a normal 7300 rpm hard disk, or is the boost only noticable with SSDs?

According to Winsat (windows command-line utility), I'm getting 23 MB/s for sequential read, and 1.06 MB/s for random read. This sounds almost unbelievably bad, and I haven't had as much disk streaming trouble as those figures would suggest.

Still, I would like to increase performance cheaply, if that is possible. Anyone with experience of SATAII PCI-E expansion cards?
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