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Old 05-13-2015, 03:35 AM
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I'm a new to play myself. I bought EWQLSO - Silver many years back when it used it's own customized Kontakt player. The only thing I'll give kontakt a plus on is the loading times. Kontakt does load instruments faster. However... Kontakt crashes and freezes on me quite often. Also, some instrument libraries end up getting stuck notes when stopping playback which is such a pain. I am not a fan of the UI of kontakt as well (that's a personal preference).

So far over the last couple of weeks using Play since I subscribed to the composer cloud I have to say overall I like it better than Kontakt. Sure, the loading times can be improved. There is also a glitch when it comes to setting reverbs but all in all I like it. It's a simple and innovative interface, and I haven't had it freeze or crash on me!

Originally Posted by Karuno LeKarnal View Post
True. Everyone seems to think Kontakt was such a powerful sampler... Even though I'm not tweaking anything and don't really see why is kontakt better than play. Except maybe for the fact that Kontakt is cracked at every release in no time, and Play still resists !

I don't think EW should get back to Kontakt. Plus, now that EW Pro is coming, there's no real reason to go back to Kontakt. Really no reason.
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