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Old 02-20-2017, 11:06 AM
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Originally Posted by Jay Asher View Post
I owned NS 10m's for years. It does not sound the way I remember them, it just makes it sound without any bass response
Not sure if the ones I used were regular NS-10s or the NS-10ms
The other issue you have with emulation NS-10s are that they are passive speakers, so also have to rely on the amp

All I know is that they didn't necessarily sound "good"

But back on the topic of EQ'ing, I can say that recently I've discovered you have to be really careful in handling the high end and balancing it with the low end. It's a fine line between clear/defined and thin/harsh
Also in the digital age, we could also automate the EQ (which is something I myself should start doing). Being able to tailor your EQ to the specific passage the instrument(s) is playing can really help a piece out
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First rule of EQ is to take the Hippocratic Oath doctors take: "First, do no harm."
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Yeah, automation is something I don't go to straight away, but can be a great problem solver.

I've taken to using EQ matching as a reference of late; finding out what the difference is between the EQ profile of my mix and a couple of ideal references. Helps to find unwanted build-ups and holes. Then can go back and try and address in the mix.

I'm a composer by training, producer by necessity, so I'll take any help I can get
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