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Default Audio Interfaces

I'm looking to change my audio interface. Currently I've been using a Focusrite Scarlett 8i6, and its got a great sound and in the 4 years I've had it, not a single issue with the hardware itself. The one problem I have had relates to things going awry with sample rate switching, which I do from time to time, depending on the session. When I'm scoring for a video, I work in 48k sample. For just audio, 44.1k. My DAW is Pro Tools 12.7. I know part of the issue relates to how Pro Tools reacts to sample rate changes on the interface, but it is unlikely that Focusrite is ever going to update the drivers for this model, since its no longer in production. And this issue is just a headache.

So, I'm looking for something else in the $3-500 range. One possibility is the MOTU Audio Express 6x6. I don't require many inputs because most of what I do is "in the box", and I don't have all that much outboard hardware gear I'd need to plug into the interface. However, a couple of good mic ports and line inputs are good, for the few times I might want to mic something. I definitely need S/PDif In/Out, as that is how I route Audio out to my JBL LSR 4326 monitors. And I use the S/PDif in for sound out of my Yamaha Motif XS8, which is also my main MIDI controller.

I also need Audio Loopback, as I need to use that at times.

I've been pleased with sound quality of the Focusrite, but as I said, Focusrite doesn't seem to want to fix or do anything about the sample rate issue for Pro Tools users. Its not just my model that has the issue, as other Focusrite users have had the exact same issue.

All that said, what other audio interfaces might you all suggest? I wish there was some kind of selector matrix out there where you could enter your required parameters and 5-6 suggestions would pop up to look at!
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