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Old 09-12-2017, 04:52 PM
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Default A certain broad orchestral sound - How?

Hello folks

I've been tweaking things in my Hollywood Orchestra template and I've lost all judgement in terms of the sound of the balance and appropriate ambience.

Those of you out there who use Hollywood Orchestra Diamond and are working in what could broadly be called a 'John Williams' idiom (large, late romantic/early modern symphonic) what steps do you take to get this sound?

So far I have generally used the Main mics, although Close sounds best to me for woodwinds. I've tried to mix in some other mics and I can hear difference but my judgement has abandoned me and I can't gauge if a difference is better or worse.
And what of reverb?
I have Spaces and I have a SoCal instrument section specific instance for each section of the orchestra - at default levels. This sounds... ok?
I know there are a million tweaks and I should be trusting my own ears, but if there are any others out there who are striving for the kind of sound I mentioned - how are you approximating it?

Thanks very much
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