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Old 08-11-2017, 07:57 PM
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Default ComposerCloud X, does this sound ample for me?

Hi there, very tempted by the composer cloud x 24.99 monthly special at the moment. Previously I used platinum versions of Orchestra and Choir, which were huge...
I was sick for a few years and basically quit composing, but now I am finally getting back into it again..

This looks like a perfect all in one to cover so many instruments for one price..

I have a lot of hardware midi gear i am putting back into action, which takes care of my synth stuff, and UAD takes care of my FX.. so my processor, quad imac i7, is basically free.. I have 32Gb ram in it, and do not do professional soundtrack work requiring hundreds of tracks..

All I am wanting is something with high quality sounds for general composition.. Anything from orchestral, ambient (enya style), to pop.. I use a lot of string sounds and tend to use them for solos in many cases other than synths.

Everything i do including soundtrack style stuff is purely for personal enjoyment, music creation is my best form of personal zen and had been for 20 years before i got ill.

I wouldn't have even considered this before, but now that X has the close mic position which is a lot more suited to the sort of music I do, it's suddenly looking like the best option on the table..

Any concern with the 16 bit samples? It's kind of weird to be going back to 16 bit when everything I have done in so many years has been 32 or 24, especially when i used to use a lot of software synths, when bouncing i would always at minimum use 24 bits. Also, streaming platforms are getting more sophisticated as is download music, where 24 bit will become the new norm.

I presume they are sampled at 44.1k? Again, i often work in 96 cause analog synths sound GREAT when recorded at 96.. so can PLAY still work at 96k with the 44k samples? Will it automatically upsample?

Truth be told, I don't have room for another external hard drive, do not want to spend money on a good one anyway, and i like the idea of the smaller memory and drive footprint of the gold. So it suits me in every way, price, size, what is actually included.. i just basically want to know if the 16 bit samples *sound* good. That's the short version of this question.

Cheers and thanks!
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