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Default Announcing PLAY 6.0.2 and updates to Hollywood Choirs

We are pleased to announce some fixes and improvements to PLAY 6 and Hollywood Choirs.

Fixed in PLAY 6.0.2:
Fixed sync issues
Fixed Wordbuilder stuck notes with tempo change
Fixed stuck notes in Wordbuilder when stopping playback
Fixed ProDrummer groove database not being displayed
Added alternatives for unpitched consonants in Wordbuilder
Fixed crash in Pro Tools when saving during playback
Fixed pitch bend max value only displaying semi-tones
Fixed reverb level automation for 25th Anniversary products
Fixed Egyptian microtuning loading up wrong scale
Microtuning now available for Hollywood Series
Controls in Mixer now update values for use with NKS

A new and improved Worldbuilder:
Hollywood Choirs includes a new version of WordBuilder, the program that allows you to type in words and have them sung by a choir. Please see below for descriptions of these new features, including many under-the-hood enhancements.

All New Phrases: Over 100 new phrase presets, and more on the way!
All New Phonemes: New vowel and consonants added for increased realism.
Frequency Dependent Consonants: Non-pitched consonants now sampled with high and low frequency variations.
Independent Handling: All consonants that fall at the end of a word are now handled independent of those that begin a word, resulting in more realistic delivery of words.
Consonant Volume Scaling: WordBuilder detects the number of notes in a chord and ap- plies volume scaling to consonants to ensure the they remain at an intelligible level.
Global Phoneme Balance: Vowels, Pitched Consonants and Non-Pitched Consonants have volume sliders that allow you to adjust the relative balance between phonemes.
Alternative Takes of Non-Pitched Consonants: The importance non-pitched consonants play in creating intelligible words led to the development of a new feature that provides the user with complete control over alternative takes. Instead of using a traditional 'round robin' system that cycles through alternative takes, often leading to inconsistent re- sults, users can now de ne a speci c alternative take of all non-pitched consonants by using a numbering system. For example, if the rst 'S' at the start of the word doesn't sound right repeated later in the word, you can try 'S2', 'S3', or 'S4' until you nd an alternate take that sounds more realistic.
Parameter Grouping: Volume, Pan and Microphone Mix changes are applied across all instruments within a WB Multi. Combined with the existing Reverb Master functional- ity that applies reverb across all instruments within an instance of Play, shaping the mix any way you want is easier than ever.
Sync to DAW: Now you can synchronize the position in WordBuilder's Text Editor to your DAW's sequencer playback.
Ease of Use: Hollywood Choirs was recorded with combined Men and Women sections, allowing for an increase in overall power of the choir by taking advantage of the over- lapping ranges. As an added benefit, this makes setting up WordBuilder with just 2 Voice Types much easier.

Steps to update:
1. Download and install PLAY 6.0.2 from the EastWest Installation Center.
2. Download the Hollywood Choirs update from the EW Installation Center. It will show up in the section "Updates" in the product list.

Your EastWest Team
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