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Old 04-19-2018, 04:33 AM
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Default Composer Cloud Dilemma

I had purchased nearly all the play instruments up until the time composer cloud became a product. Then continued to buy play instruments after that.

Here is the dilemma...

I have other priorities for my studio right now and can't really purchase the new voice based instruments but I sure would like to have them. However, composer cloud doesn't make much sense since I already own almost everything.

Is there a third option that address someone like me?

Thanks for your help.
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Buy them while they're on sale
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VOTE is included in all of the ComposerCloud subscriptions. You could get the regular CC
with a discount of 50% on the first month. http://www.soundsonline.com/composercloud

The good thing about the regular CC is that you can de- and re-activate it at will.
So if you need it for one project, turn it on, but then don't need it for the next
three, turn it off.

CCX and CC Plus are yearly commitments, OTOH.
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Much in the same spot. I own so much of what EW offers that it is going to be a while before I see the CC as worth it.
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