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Old 09-19-2015, 12:21 PM
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Have all unknowns been cleared from Device Manager?

If so, see if you still get the DAW issues you had before.
Half of DevaKnighT at devaknight.com. All recordings done in Cubase at 192k.
Comp: i7-4930K : Asus P9X79-E WS : Geil 32GB : GV-N750OC-2GI : 55" 4K TV + 23" touchx2 : SSDx6 : UAD-2Q.
HW: Nmn U87Ai : JA-251x2 : Korg padKontrol+nanoKEY2 : No audio for now : M-Patch2 : Tannoy Reveal Active+TS-12.
SW: Win8.1P64 : Cubase 8.0.20 : Goliath : SO PP : Pianos : Gypsy : SV : Sup/Drum 2.0 : AT7 : Ozone 6Ad : RX3Ad.

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