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Old 01-11-2009, 02:37 PM
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Default Pinkster: Finland report!

Pinkster: Hi there! Now it is my last day in Finland I really have to say you have an beautiful country. As for me I where staying in Helsinki. Its an beautiful capital!! hehe, Its cold for sure. Specifically when its snowing and blowing at ones. I did just come home from a trip to the saint Alexanders church. there was this BIG light show there. Really enjoyed that! Would have been cooler to see even more. I think the man behind the light design was called "Matti" something.

Overall I've been traveling a lot around in Helsinki. Would definitely come back to Finland to see more. Even so it would be in the summer:P To cold in the winter! nhaa. just kidding. ItĘs cold in Norway to..


Old 01-14-2009, 12:09 AM
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Default Hello

Pleased to hear you liked the country. By the word beautiful you might indeed describe it, but so is yours. Like I've said I'm an outdoor person, so there's not many lovelier things than to take a trip up to the mountains or forests and let your mind run free.

Hey, I tried several times to find your workshop in the internet and major papers, but no, no clue. There was absolutely no sign of it, at least where I was looking for it !!!?? (Though I was a bit busy too at the moment) So I missed it. I should have asked for absolutely more specific info. Damn, really sorry for that.
How did you like it then ? Did you have fun and get what you were after?

It's really nice you enjoyed your journey. You just happened to make it during the deepest winter, but come again when it's spring or summer and you'll be surprised: Everything is new, including the people: We'll wake up from a gloomy, six month's wait.
But Ryan, can you seriously say you are not used to snow and wind, you're from Norway. =) Still, snow, that's really something we are waiting here again as it has a bad habbit these days to say goodbye too easily.

PS: Was the light designer Mikki Kunttu ? He's really a famous one, made work for the opera, with Tero Saarinen's group around the world and numberless other places.

Reaally glad about your report and that you obviously enjoyed it. Cheers.

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