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Old 01-23-2010, 07:43 PM
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I just dont know any way to not run into any hindrances with something as large and powerful as Platinum and run it on an iMac. More 800 drives daisy chained certainly wont work since your coming out of just one bus. If your not sold completely on a Mac I can tell you now that We are having a few 64bit machines built and I can build one of them myself and have a completely killer - powerful 64 bit system for 3 grand on a PC but i know your running logic.

Maybe your better off getting any MAc now and saving for a powerful slave in the future? Or sacrificing some of what you want to do for now.

I know none of that sounds incredibly appealing to you but I dont want to give you any false impressions out the gate.

Macs are not particularly EXPANDABLE and iMacs are definitely nearly not at all. But with a MAc Pro theres a lot you can do. MAny directions of growth which I think remains invisible to many.
Old 01-23-2010, 09:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexborn007 View Post
Unfortunately I need something within the next couple of weeks...

The Mac Pro just isn't looking feasible because of the lack of a display and the $$ buying one will add (unless anyone can offer solid suggestions under $400 or just anything that could be a viable alternative). What kind of limitations will I run into performance wise if I go with the iMac quad core + 8GB RAM and run the samples off of a FW800 drive? I am aware that there is no PCI express expansion with the iMac, and therefore no way to utilize eSATA but as I said time is not on my side.

Also, is there a way to set up multiple external HDs at FW800 so I can spread the samples out? The PRIMARY purpose of this computer will be to produce orchestral mock-ups and FInale notation, as opposed to lots of recording. I understand that my needs might change, but if I ran an audio interface via USB (Pro Tools MobilePre USB Interface) could this be a compromise of sorts (just to have some raw recording ability)?

Bottom line:

I want to be able to run the composers collection (with Platinum orchestra) with Logic 9 and not feel hindered in producing full orchestral mockups either from MIDI files or me inputting through a MIDI controller. Plus, some basic recording ability through the aforementioned USB audio interface).

Thanks for all of the help, and I really hope to find a solution involving the Mac Pro...

EDIT: This will sound quite crude, but regarding an audio interface: could I just disconnect my sample HDs and hook up a FW audio interface when I needed heavier recording ability (i.e. the Apogee Duet)? I know it sounds barbaric, but bear with me

Well I was about to do the same thing with a i7 Imac, but money is tight so I will just wait. I was scared off by the Imac screen issues/defect problem I've read about. Plus the lack of FW ports, which had me wondering about the audio interface. I use a Presonus firebox, but I've been itching for the Apogee duet. I suspect it will sound even better, but there's no daisy chain with the duet! and no matter which audio interface I use there will be the issue of audio interface vs the FW drives for samples... I couldn't bare the idea of lag with samples of crackling after spending that much money. I have to sure so I'm waiting...

Personally I would not be OK with taking the audio interface on and off the setup. That's just a no go for me.

I am very interested to see what you come up with of settle on and the advice of others here.

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Old 01-24-2010, 12:29 AM
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I appreciate these responses, guys. It's not making the decision easier, but I feel much more informed.

Mac Pro is the way I'll go, but can anyone recommend some economical monitor solutions? I have a 17" Samsung (though its RGB only) already which could theoretically work as my second, so I don't need a monster-sized solution.

The expandability and the sheer number of FW/USB ports just scream at me every time I look at the iMac again.

If there are any viable monitor solutions that can be posited, it will swing me completely. Then I'd get the 2.66ghz, 6GB setup with three HDs (1 master, 2 slave). I'm also thinking about just getting the regular composer's package and upgrading to platinum later.

As always thanks for the help. It will be some time before I'll have the money to do a massive overhaul like this, so I'd rather get a powerful foundation, than a bunch of sounds that will just be difficult to work with. As I said though, I need to get the monitor situation figured out...
Old 01-25-2010, 10:44 AM
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I am down to this monitor: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/p...9&sku=320-7956



or a 20" cinema display from Ebay

If anyone has feedback on these monitors (and it's good haha), I'll be able to finish all this up during the week (preferably after Wednesday just to make sure there are no big announcements from Apple). I'm holding back on Platinum right now and will upgrade in time, or get HStrings/better audio interface during the next upgrade. Gold seems pretty capable, and it feels wiser to spend the most $ on computer rather than software.

Thanks for the tips!

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