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Originally Posted by reddiesel41264 View Post
Cant you get some sort of shared hub? I think PLAY only checks for the dongle when it's loading samples, so you could load up one machine, then plug it in the next, etc. - A pain but cheaper - possibly.
That would work (though not with Pro Tools 10 which requires the dongle to be present at all times), but it's a bit of a pain to switch the dongle every time you boot up a new machine and legally you are in a grey area as well as the Play libraries are licensed for use on one machine, not multiple machines (with some exceptions for the Hollywood series).
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It's against the EULA
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As I said in another thread, iLoks at current price should have GPS tracking thats activated whenever it's plugged in. Can't request this as iLok.com doesn't have a forum that I know of.
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