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Old 01-11-2017, 05:35 PM
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Default HO Woodwinds and Brass Keyswitch Patch

For my existing orchestral template I was using separate tracks for each articulation. After finishing a full orchestral piece under a tight deadline it was just too overwhelming to go through each instrument and cut and paste the notes from my master phrase to each appropriate articulation track. It was crazy nuts and my brain was spinning!

So now I'm trying to slim down my template as best as I could. (FYI - All articulations are stored on PC Slave via VEPro 6). I use Pro Tools which doesn't have a script function so I am not able to create my own keyswitches with any 3rd party software therefore I am at the mercy of the library I am using.

Unlike Hollywood strings, I was excited to see that Hollywood Brass and Woodwinds have master keyswitch patches to cover a majority of your typical articulations. This evening I was testing the sounds of the master keyswitch patches for each instrument to compare it to my prior template of HO woodwinds and brass.

Now I'm not sure if it is me, but it seems the articulations used in the master keyswitch patches are lite versions of the normal articulations found in the legato and long folders for each respective library. To my ears the sounds of the keyswitch articulations are not as high definition compared to the normal articulations I originally used form the long and legato folders.

I'm just checking in with you guys and gals to see if my perception is correct.

- Steve

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