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Old 03-16-2018, 11:35 AM
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Default System to support HO Diamond

Been a while since I've posted here. I currently have HO Gold, (all sections purchased singly way back) + the solo instruments collection which I have been running on my 2011 Mac Mini Server using a separate internal 7200 rpm HD for streaming the samples. I have since acquired a slave PC which has 32 GB RAM (the max it can take) plus I added a 275 GB internal Crucial SSD for the samples. Running that over VEP with the Mini as the master.

I'm thinking of upgrading to HO Diamond to take advantage of the current sale and I'm wondering if this system will run it satisfactorily. The issues I see are the capacity of the SSD, the lack of USB 3 connectivity on the PC's motherboard and the RAM limitation. I contacted Support who assured me that I could use the HD the library comes with to stream the samples, which would mean adding a USB 3 adaptor to the computer. I could maybe put the strings on the SSD and leave the rest on the HD..

Anyway, does this sound feasible? Am I likely to run into any problems by using a PCIE USB 3 adaptor card and will the library stream properly from the supplied HD? Also, will 32 GB be enough for large projects?

Edit: How about spreading the library across my two computers, utilising the Mini's 2nd 500 GB HD and its 16 GB Ram? This kinda defeats the purpose of the slave setup though..
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