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Old 04-28-2015, 06:29 PM
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Default EW Gypsy update

Hello folks, first wanted to start with a big compliment.. Love your products, and the play interface is my favourite by far.

I have a few comments regarding QL Gypsy, namely the django guitar and violin samples. While I'm sure the musicians who performed for the samples are fantastic musicians, they are actually quite far off from the Gypsy style(s).

I don't know if it's a huge seller if there will ever be an update, but i would like to offer some suggestions as Gypsy music/culture is my specialty. Maybe most people who use it don't really care about authenticity, but if it's ever going to be updated, it would be nice to improve certain aspects.

The Django Reinhardt style is played with a very specific technique from the early 20th century, the strumming patterns (there are many) are also very distinct. It is not just about strumming quarter notes, there is a specific way to achieve the various tones used in the Django Gypsy style for both lead and rhythm

For the violin gypsy style (or really any solo instrument), it's a huge topic because there is no one unifying "gypsy" style; the styles vary from country to country or even village to village. There is Serbian style, Bulgarian style, Romanian style, Hungarian style, Greek, Turkish, etc... These involve very specific ornaments such as the half step trills used in Romanian music or the downward slides in Greek music, etc. It would be an amazing composition tool to have access to a violin or accordion with all these regional ornaments!!!

A wonderful addition would be Gypsy bass played with German bow, the Hungarians specialize in this.

Anyway, if one day, someone at EastWest decides to update the Gypsy product, I would love to help out, as I know all the right musicians for the job!
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