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Old 03-24-2018, 09:50 AM
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Smile Hi, veteran composer, wordbuilder rookie

Hi everybody,
as I use to create all non-vocal (orchestral) tracks (i.a. my own stuff or my Mahler accompaniments https://www.uli-schauerte.de/mahler-minus-you-english/ ) using Vienna Symphonic Library samples I'm devoting to wordbuilder resp. EWQL only since a few days. Hope you allow to put 2 questions here even on my first day in this forum:
1) In one manual I found hints how to create a french R using "r" and "g" simultaneously in the votox mode. At present I cannot confirm that it works. To my ears the result rather sounds like an english R plus the noise of a water drop falling on a plate.
2) Please tell me if you have an idea how to get close to consonants sounding like both of the two German "ch" versions: the one after dark vowels (such as in "Bach" or in Scotish "Loch") and the one after front vowels (such as in German "ich" or "München" or a bit like the "h" in english "huge" oder "Houston", but more vigorous).
Would be thankful for any answer. Read you soon ? Uli
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german consonants, wordbuilder

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