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Arrow PLAY 5.0.1 now available (with new goodies)

Play 5.0.1 Additions
Amp Simulator included for all products
Ohmicide included for all products
Improved performance

Amp Simulator and Ohmicide
Now included in this special Play 5.0.1 upgrade, the Amp Simulator and Ohmicide multi-band distortion plug-ins are now included for use with all EastWest collections, containing thousands of instruments of all types. For film/tv/game composers or musicians looking for a more edgy sound, this powerful combination opens up a whole new world of possibilities using real instruments as the source instead of oscillators, or a combination of both.

To use the Amp Simulator and Ohmicide simply install Play 5.0.1 from the EW Installation Center. The Play 5.0.1 update will automatically add these new FX to all your installed products. You do not have to install any additional library updates.

Play 5.0.1 Improvements
Further improved playback performance
Fixed artifacts and cut notes in offline bounce/freeze
Added Multi and MPE MIDI modes, now available in the MIDI channel dropdown
Fixed Play being blacklisted in Cubase 9 on Windows
Fixed saving Wordbuilder phrases on Windows
'Refresh Browser' command now scans for newly installed libraries
Fixed a bug where patches would suddenly turn silent in EW Pianos
Fixed load bar occasionally hanging
Fixed export progress bar in Cubase not updating
Fixed a bug where Dark Abbey reverb would be loaded instead of the correct reverb
Fixed crashes when switching amp presets
Fixed Mac installer for server OS
Fixed occasional stuck keys in Play keyboard
Fixed 1/2 tempo scale saving in 25th Anniversary loops
Fixed tuning not saving in Ghostwriter

To download the Play 5.0.1 update, open the EW Installation Center and find the update near the top, or click here.

Any issues can be resolved by reading the Play 5 section in 'Frequently Asked Questions' at the SUPPORT CENTER.

Happy Holidays from your EASTWEST team
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