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Default Hollywood Choirs Suggestions (Both programming & recording)

(Quick summary at the bottom)

I've owned HC since release, but a few small issues have kept me from using it as much as I'd like to. Most of these should just require programming changes, not new recordings or elaborate overhauls.

1. Dynamic Range and Crossfading
The pp layer is so beautiful in this library, but it becomes difficult to work with as soon as you start fading in higher dynamics. The difference in loudness and timbre of the mf layer makes it "jump out" almost immediately.

My suggestion: Add a Dynamic Range knob and Cutoff Filter option. This is an idea borrowed from the Orchestral Tools Berlin Series. Changing the dynamic range would allow control of the loudness between pp and ff. At its lowest extreme, there would be no change in perceived loudness when fading—and the highest extreme causing dramatic changes in loudness.

Combine that with a "Cutoff Filter" option, which could be applied to the lower end of the mf layer to gradually roll off the higher frequencies for a smoother fade into pp.

2. WordBuilder Position Setting

In other choir libraries (syllable sequencer-based, you know the ones) you are able to store several "phrases", or sequences of syllables, and select them via keyswitch. I'd love to be able to do something similar in HC—i.e. press a key that takes me to a specified point in my text.

So instead of having to play through an entire paragraph to listen to how the last line sounds, I could do something like:

@1 t!eE wil nat fors us
@2 t!eE wil stap dE greE dEng us
@3 t!eE wil nat kun trol us
@4 wE wil bE vik to r!E yus
where the @s could be tied to keyswitches, so that when I press the key assigned to @3, it will set the position in WordBuilder to right after that marker.

3. Mic Solo/Mute on WB Multis

More of a bug than a suggestion, really. But while I'm here.
When playing with the mic mix (Diamond Edition), the faders will apply to every WB instrument, but soloing or muting a mic will not. Not a major issue, but a fix would make finding that perfect mix a little easier.

4. New Recordings: Staccato pp layer

Least likely to ever happen, but hopefully not too difficult to implement (as far as re-recording for a choir library goes) I would love to see a soft layer recorded for all the vowel staccatos. (And maybe even both layers recorded for the non-Latin vowels, ya dig?)

  • Dynamic range and cutoff filter to fade between pp and mf.
  • Set position in WordBuilder via keyswitch.
  • Solo or Mute a mic applies to all WB Multi instances.
  • New staccato recordings: soft layer and non-Latin vowels.
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