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Old 01-15-2019, 10:41 AM
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Default A Request for More "Midi Learn" control in Player 6

Greetings EW Team!

I've recently started working with Arturia's brand new Keylab 61 mkII as my new main Midi Controller for the EastWest Library.

As I've been setting up new Master Templates using these two amazing pieces together I've found through my discoveries a universal common need for more "Midi Learn" options throughout all of EW's Libraries/Play Engines that would be so great and useful to my workflow if they could be added in the next EW Play Update.

Here is what I would like to request:

1. To be able to assign 'MIDI Learn' to a lot more options in the Player Window. Specifically the mic placement faders, the mic panning, the reverb on/off, and other instrument-specific features (like the Open/Close of Platinum Pianos, buttons such as Portamento, Legato, etc.)” - those last few were additional ones that I noticed also aren’t able to be learned.

2. To be able to assign 'MIDI Learn' to a lot more options in the Mix Window. Specifically the Faders, Panning as well as engaging the Mutes, Solos, FX and Extra Mic Switches

3. To be able to assign more 'MIDI Learn" Options in the Hypnotica and Goliath Play Engine. Specifically the On/Off Switches for Delay and Stereo Spread as well as On/Off Switch for the Delay Sync and all On/Off Switches in Goliath.

Best Wishes and Many Thanks in advance!

Bro p
Old 04-19-2019, 07:30 AM
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+1, all settings in Play should be CC'd
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