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Old 03-23-2019, 06:22 PM
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Default Play in Cubase

When right clicking a parameter in Play, only the 'CC learn' option is available.
Cubase uses 'Quick Controls'. If this could be added as an option for Cubase users it would be good. Play auto assigns CC11 and CC1 to Mod wheel 1 and 2 on my device and I am unable to re assign these to, say, a knob because Play doesn't make Expression and Modulation available. If these were made available to re assign to e.g. Quick controls, it would improve Play compatibility with Cubase. I have had major instability issues with using Play in Cubase where assigning Play parameters to my device for controlling causes the performance meter in Cubase to hit 100% with severe audio distortion, pops and clicks (nothing to do with buffer size).
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