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Default Play 6 suggestions (refresh)


Here are a few ideas of tools and features I still feel could be added to Play 6 and would help a lot.

1- Master Mic Position selector for custom set of articulations in multi-timbral setups. One that would affect all articulations.

2- Master CC1 and CC11 (faders or knobs would be nice) for custom set or articulations in multi-timbral setups. Again, one that would affect all articulations so if I play a line with a legato patch and then switch to staccato on a different midi channel, Play 6 should be able to optionally send the CC values to all the patches within that Play instance so that switching articulations while playing would be more lyrically smooth and coherent.

3- CC information in patch info box. What CC is assigned to what since some patches use CC1 for both xfade and vibrato and some use CC1 only for vibrato and CC11 for xfades. (Assignable CCs would be great too)

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