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Old 10-25-2019, 05:36 AM
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Default Mic level link


I don't know if it's possible but a cool new feature on Play for me would be the possibility of linking the different mic level of two or more instruments in the same instance of play, so that they share the same mix all the time.

For example, if I load two articulations of EW symphonic strings' 18V, I would press the "link" button (let's say in the mixer) and then the Close / Main Surround level would be at the same level all the time, so that I no longer have to check that manually.

It would be very useful for templates with large amounts of articulations (so mainly the Symphonic, the Hollywood and the Voice series).

"Hollywood choirs" is already working like this : no need (hopefully ! thanks for that one !) to browse through the 13 instruments to equalize all the mic positions.

Yes, I know, some instruments have four mic positions, some three and some just one, but that's a suggestion box not a solution box .

Happy brainstorming !
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Old 10-28-2019, 10:40 AM
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