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Default Too many composers?

With the arrival of incredibly fast computers, coupled with East West's inspired software, it seems to me that many more people are becoming involved in music composition. Be they classically trained musicians who wish to expand their ability, or even just talented hobbyists, I don't think anyone using EW's material can fail to be amazed at results that can be achieved with some time and dedication. The Music Cafe on this site is an illustration of this. Inevitably, many such people are now researching the way forward to offer their services professionally, as the questions on this thread seem to confirm.

Do you think that the market for composers/musicians for film/tv/games etc, will become saturated as a result. How do established composers feel about this, i.e. those who have learned their skills the hard way, and are now being confronted with software that can bypass the need for classical training. For example I have listened to some wonderful creations on this site by people who would have no idea how to score an orchestra on paper first. I suppose what I am saying is that in this technological age we are seeing many professional skills made so much easier and available to the wider population. Just look at how Photoshop has made the creation of amazing photographs easier, offering results which could only otherwise have been achieved with hours in a Dark Room/expensive equipment, and professional air brushing by a skilled artist. In the same way East West has done the same thing in the world of music.

Yet one would assume that there is only so much professional work to go around. Can you see that as a result of this, by the laws of commerce , that music composition will become a relatively low paid sector, as supply greatly outweighs demand.
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I believe composing is an act beyond training. I would NEVER want to be without the training I have had, but I think one can compose with almost no training if one has the talent. And yes the market is a bit diluted and it is probably much more difficult to get started now, than when I was starting (1983)

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