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Default BOLT and source music

John, I just watched Bolt a few days ago, and thought the film was wonderful, and your music was awesome!

There's a scene when Bolt and Rhino are on their way to rescue Mittens, and Rhino is humming/singing your theme for Bolt, supported by the score ...

I was wondering, in these instances, what is the process? Do you write the theme very early on, or is the scene/ADR recorded later? Is the film synchronized to a cue that you're written beforehand?

Furthermore, do you work with the actor(s) themselves, or do you have a music supervisor, conductor, etc. to work with the actor(s)?

Thanks for taking the time here to share what you know and have learned!
Alex Beard, composer
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I rarely get to work with actors. Occasionally (Happy Feet) I'm also given responsibility for songs and I do then get involved with their production, and that would be the only time that I come into contact with anyone other than directors and producers. On Bolt, the scene you are referring to had the character singing the theme to "Mission Impossible" which we then rerecorded once we had the theme to the TV show that he was a fan.

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