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Default You are my hero

John I must say from the first moment I heard some of your cues from the Bourne Supremacy you instantly became my musical hero. I live and work in Los Angeles composing music for a few popular Cable TV series and was wondering if it's possible to get a gig working for you? Your music ( especially the Bourne cues ) has influenced me greatly, especially your use of strong rhythmic string patterns, intricate dense layered percussion, and wonderful themes. I'm not sure if the rules of this forum allow me to ask for a gig , but I've learned so much from analyzing your cues ! YOU ARE MY HERO!........RC
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Very kind. The one thing I recommend doing, is to search the world for music not written for film or TV and listen only to that. This will give you the advantage of not sounding like everyone else, and as there are sooooooooo many composers trying to get work, being different is surely the most important thing?

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