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Default Helping others to help your self.

Hi! First of all, I'm a BIG FAN! Thanks for doing this

I've always wanted to ask a "Hollywood" composer this question. Here it goes: "How often do you show your work/cues to other composer's so they could hear and tell you what to do different? or if they don't think it fits the movie you are scoring?"

Because there are so many good composer's out there this days. And you have been collabing with many (Hans Z. and Harry), do you see them as support and help if needed?. I've always thought that composer's often goes to a other composer/friend to get more feedback and help. Maybe you're not that type of guy, but when you have a deadline and the time is running out, do you then go out to seek some help from other composers or friends?

Cheers, and thanks!
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This was one of the great things about being at Remote Control (nee "Media Ventures") with Hans and Harry. You could play something to other people without it having to be finished, to see what you really felt about the piece. The act of "performing" something you are working on (albeit this usually only involved pushing the "go" button) for others, is an amazing focusing tool. I find I suddenly hear everything differently..... some good, some bad, but it never sounds the same as it did when I was working alone. And others who are going through the same process as you are more likely to forgive the obvious problems, i.e. it's not finished... and help spot the really fundamental problems i.e. it's too fast, it's in 3 instead of 4 etc.

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