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Default Welcome to the John Powell Q&A - TOPIC NOW CLOSED READ ONLY

To all our forum members (and guests):

We are pleased to announce that John Powell has kindly offered to participate in an open question and answer session here at the EastWest/Soundsonline Forums!

Please post your question by starting a new thread at http://www.soundsonline-forums.com/f...splay.php?f=32. This Q&A will follow a "moderated thread & post" format. This means that your question (thread) will remain held back until selected for publication.

Please note:
  • Not all questions will be published.
  • Follow up questions are not allowed due to time constraints.
  • Repeat questions may not get published, (check all the threads so far to see if your question has already been asked before posting a question!)
  • Your posts may be edited.
  • Please limit your questions to no more than two.
Please be patient - if you don't see your question published, that doesn't mean it won't be sometime soon.

Do not PM or email any of the site admin to hassle us about publishing your question, or demanding to know why it hasn't been published.

Finally, please keep in mind that Mr. Powell is a busy composer and questions may not be answered immediately. Be respectful of his time and of his generous offer to spend some of that valuable time here with us.

The Q&A session will end September 30, 2009.

Ask away!

John Powell originally trained as a violinist as a child, before studying at London's Trinity College of Music. He later ventured into jazz and rock music, playing in a soul band "The Fabulistics". On leaving college, he composed music for commercials, which led to a job as an assistant to the composer Patrick Doyle on several film productions, including Much Ado About Nothing.

In 1995, he co-founded the London-based commercial music house Independently Thinking Music, which produced scores for more than 100 British and French commercials and independent films.

Since moving to the U.S. in 1997, he has scored a number of comedy and action films, including Robots, The Italian Job, The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy, The Bourne Ultimatum, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Shrek, Chicken Run (co-composed with Harry Gregson-Williams), Endurance, Ice Age: The Meltdown, Jumper, Face/Off, Bolt and Horton Hears a Who!.

Powell's additional credits include Drumline, X-Men: The Last Stand, United 93, and Happy Feet, for which he received the first ever Film & TV Music Award for Best Score for an Animated Feature Film. He is one of the best known former members of the Remote Control (formerly known as Media Ventures) team of film composers and has a scoring style that incorporates both traditional orchestral and more modern, synthesized elements. A good example of this is his opening cue for the Sean Penn film, I Am Sam, which features found sounds (for example, cups scraping on tabletops, and the percussive sounds of cutlery being laid) as part of the music.

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