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Post How do you write?

Hey John,

I'll keep it short, but not before I humbly express my admiration for your work; you've written quite some memorable themes and although many people have tried to copy your style, your music is so often suprisingly refreshing. Keep it up!

So, more out of curiousity than in an attempt to learn some secrets to elevate my career :

I was wondering how you go about writing your music and what you end up handing to your orchestrators: once the themes have been written and the actual (under)scoring can begin, do you notate your music (on paper or in some notation software), or do you make some kind of MIDI mockups, and leave it up to your orchestrators to work from there, or... ?

Kind regards,
-- Kej
Old 10-01-2009, 03:22 PM
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All done in the computer till it gets to the printer to print out the parts. See other post re: orchestrators etc

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