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Default Conducting

Hi John:

Another question for you (if Eastwest will allow me). You mentioned in an interview that you do not conduct, but instead prefer to be in the control room when one of your scores is being recorded.

Why is that - are you more comfortable leaving the conducting to someone else, or do you feel you are better able to concentrate on the music and the way it works with the picture?

Thanks again!
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Most of the times, my scores are set exactly to a pre-recorded track that has been worked out as part of the way I write in the computer. And as most of the session work involves balancing and organizing the production of the music, my time is better spent with the engineers and filmakers. When I do conduct, I always feel like a 3rd wheel. The musicians don't really need to follow me and I speak to them directly through the headphones, as I would a single musician. This I can do from the relative safety of the control room.

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