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Old 01-11-2017, 03:18 PM
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Default Mod Wheel Questions

Hi there,

I just have a few questions in regards to using/recording/editing with a mod wheel.i just wanted to get a bit more expression into my string and brass parts.
I'm using Composer Cloud inside Sonar X3 .My keyboard is an old Roland RD 300s so no mod wheel.
-is there a good work around e.g,buy a separate mod wheel on its own or a cheap keyboard that has a mod wheel
-is drawing in the mod wheel changes a complete pain in the arse
-can the mod wheel effects be recorded separately e.g I know i can record a piano part then go over and record my sustain pedal separately ( i don't need to do this) but just wanted to know would that work for a mod wheel.Record a string part then record the mod wheel for this part separately as i have not had the genetic ability to grow a third arm.

Any help would be appreciated,

Cheers good people
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Yes you could use any keyboard that has a mod wheel including a cheap little controller. You can draw in the changes but it's less 'natural' or organic than doing it by mod wheel and is also a bit of a pain. You can certainly do a 2nd pass and just record the mod wheel data, then merge that recording with the first one. A lot of people without the third arm do it that way!
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If you like your keyboard, get a korg nanoKontrol and use a fader to control CC1 (modwheel).
Plenty of space on top of your keyboard. set it up for use with your left hand. If you intend on working with orchestral sample libraries more, it is worth getting used to controlling modwheel/faders while playing.
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Yes to it all!

My current external controller is a Novation ZeRO SL Mk II which I really like because I can hook up an expression pedal on the back, letting me use both hands to control whatever CCs I assign as well as a host of other faders/buttons/knobs that I've assigned in a variety of ways for different libraries

Drawing mod wheel data from scratch is going to be a much longer route, but if you're like me, you won't nail it down the first time, but this is where I personally may open up the editor and just make the fine touches manually

I record CC data over all the time. For instance, some of the synth plug-ins I have require 8 different CC controllers at the same time to get the most out of them; not too easy to do while playing! (worth it in the end though )
Just be aware of whether or not your DAW needs to have any preferences changed for it to work properly; mainly you want it to "overlap" rather than "overwrite" the prior recording
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I use a TEC breath controller. Its great.
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Originally Posted by trumpoz View Post
I use a TEC breath controller. Its great.
I also have a TEC BC that you can rough in the assignable CC# slopes and then go back as needed and manually draw in corrections. With Pro Tools you can play, or pencil in the parts first, then go back and record the automation parts.
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Originally Posted by bluearrows View Post
-is drawing in the mod wheel changes a complete pain in the arse
I know you're set on a DAW already, but I'd give it a go in your choice program and see. For me, drawing in expression and modulation data is much easier (Logic), although recording is easy too. I'd humbly suggest that if doing this from scratch does turn out to be a pain it might be a good idea to look into replacing your DAW with something that makes hand editing this data easier. (I know it is equally easy in both DP and Cubase).

Just my 0.02. To each their own!
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