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Old 02-24-2017, 06:23 AM
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Default What Hardware for basic server running libraries

Just got started into serioius composing, and due to the range of work i have to do i find my self often using and mixing together orchestral instruments, sometimes all of them, with electronics, synths, ethnics etc etc etc

built a template of over 700 instruments in Presonus Studio One, of course being a noob, i realized that my core i/ 3770K with 16GB of ram couldnt handle it so i found a solution which is to just disable all the tracks i dont need, but really all i wanted was to have my libraries there in the template ready to use even if they are disabled.

Now my question is, im thinking about getting a second computer with Vienna Pro but im wondering what specs should i use, giveen im not Hans Zimmer, and have limited finantial resources, would liketo know what exact specs i need in my server to have instant access to all of my 600 to 900 instruments loaded.

and secondly, my main computer that has my daw, does it need to be upgraded also?

THanks alot great forum!!
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