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Default R&B Background Singers - Vocal Ranges??!

Hey guys,

I've never written anything live for singers so far, but did quite some acapella VST stuff.

I think I'm pretty sure for the ranges of women, boys or kids, but am not that sure with higher mens voices...

I know that especially counter tenors, but also Barber Shop or Jazz MENS singers can get pretty high, also in R&B or Pop the men's vocals can get pretty high, just like in "Happy". But, what about the R&Bs and Pop background singers, what's their typical range??!

....like in this masterpiece by Will Smith (not sure if this could be classified as R&B or rather "Hip Hop"??):


I think the main vocals have obviously some pretty high notes, going up to the high middle c octave (if not even higher)...
But for the background singers I'm not that sure... like at 1:15; could anybody help out in which notes at which octave exactly they are singing? Are they really going in the 4th octave (so above middle c)?? Also at 2:03 ("The Wild Wild West!"), are the background singers all on the same note, or are they actually singing in octave?

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