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Old 04-12-2017, 05:22 PM
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Default Which is your current DAW ? Need help deciding.

Hey folks. I am a long time Sonar user. Actually, I've stick to Sonar 7 Producer Edition and never upgraded.

Now, I am considering either upgrading to the new series of Sonar, OR move to a new DAW (probably Cubase) to use my East West libraries.

The most important items to my needs are:

1. MIDI editing capabilities and workflow
2. VSTs and plug-ins compatibility (I heard some Waves plugins don't work on Sonar)
3. Stability
4. Sync to Picture

Almost every single guy I've seen in YouTube, writing orchestral stuff or trailer music, was using Cubase. Even Hans Zimmer uses it.

Thing is...I've heard Sonar has catch-up during the last year, and what's more, they've just released an update that apparently puts MIDI editing features to match competence (see here: https://www.cakewalk.com/Support/Kno...RVEnhancements) I've even seen "velocity relative scaling" features, like the one in Cubase.

Anyways, I need to decide between Sonar and Cubase and cannot make up my mind (you are free to suggest other DAWs. I've heard many prefer Digital Performer, and also the trendy Studio One).

Thanks a lot for your help and input.

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