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Old 01-21-2019, 09:36 AM
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Default EW Keyboards Platinum Library Installation


Just purchased the Keyboards platinum library which is 286GB in size. Is it possible to download the EW installer on a faster computer with an ssd external hard drive attached for the library files and then move the library to the other computer where I already have other PLAY libraries installed and activate the license on the second computer?

Using the faster computer will cut down the download time significantly.

Thanks in advance.
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Old 01-21-2019, 11:44 AM
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Yes, you can do that. You'll have to install the EW Installation Center and Play on the computer you're downloading on and the other you actually want to use it on.

To download to your SSD, create a folder on it called 'Play Libraries' or 'EastWest Libraries' - login to the EW Installation Center, click the main menu (three horizontal grey lines in the upper right corner) then 'Library Directories...'. Add in the folder you created on the SSD (if it didn't find it automatically) and then click the box at the bottom marked' Default

Return to the main EW Installation Center window and then you should be able to click the download arrow next to those 4 separate Platinum Pianos

Next, on your other computer, setup the location of the library through the EW Installation Center:

EW Installation Center
1. Open the Installation Center and Login with your soundsonline.com account
2. Hover over the library you want to add, and a gear should show up on the right-hand side
3. Click the Gear and then choose ‘Locate Directory’
4. Find/Select the Instruments folder inside the Main Library Folder, then click ‘Open’

That library should then move itself into either your ‘Updates’ section, which you should then run, or into ’Installed Libraries’ which means it should be ready to use in Play.
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ew libarry installation

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