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Another note is that I never really got into Logic's VSTs , I like Cubase's much more, although exs24 is a sweet sampler, I used that a lot. Reaper, digital performer, and some others seem pretty nice as well. The one thing Logic is lacking right now is unlimited tracks and Ram disabling abilities which I think they should update.The updates they have done in X are really nice. One thing that is thrown around is that Logic is being updated more for general consumers, whereas Cubase updates are more complex and helpful to composers. In a way this may be true, but as being a Logic Pro 9 user for a long time, I think Logic is pretty deep as well. If you compare them side by side you may see differences, but it doesn't mean you can't get very deep with Logic's functionality. Personally I think there is more possible in Cubase, but Logic is still super deep as well.

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