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1 - FEATURE REQUESTS ONLY - limit your posts to "feature requests" only, and describe in great detail (where necessary) the functionality you would like to see. Please check other suggestions before posting yours to avoid duplication.

2 - NO SUPPORT POSTS OR PERSONAL OPINIONS - any support posts will be moved to the SUPPORT section, personal opinions don't belong here either, this section is to make instrument suggestions that will be evaluated by the software team.

3 - NO PERSONAL OR PERFORMANCE ISSUES - any personal experience issues should be put in the SUPPORT section.

4 - NO PROMISES - we do not promise to implement your feature request, but if it's requested by enough users, can be implemented without adding instability to the software, it will get priority.

5 - HAVE RESPECT FOR THE SOFTWARE TEAM - Our software developers are some of the smartest in the business, and if they deem a feature request will cause too many other issues, take their word for it. There is no software on the market that has to do what PLAY does, especially with the large collections EW produces.

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