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Default Disabled Templates/Templates with Logic Pro 9 - Ideas

Hello everyone, My name is Erick -

a)I am still using Logic Pro 9,
and I thought of a way to make a disabled Logic template by unloading the samples in the Play plug-in itself. This actually works like a disabled template setup until you close the Logic session, but once you open it back up and open up one of the instances of play it will not load up the samples again for any of the mic positions, even though that instrument is technically 'open' in Play.

So I can still get a similar result by only loading one mic position and then loading the other mic positions only as needed (which means less RAM and I can load more mic positions as needed which is not a big deal to me, just a few clicks away), but I wish I could disable the samples in the ram fully as other programs such as cubase, or digital performer, etc., can do.
All you can do in Logic Pro from what i understand is to disable the track itself which only frees up cpu, but the ram load remains.

Does anyone here know a work around for this? Any Ideas are welcome. It would be a really awesome improvement.
I am trying to brain storm myself to think of a decent workflow where I can get more tracks with a disabled set up in Logic Pro 9. I do not mind having to click to load the samples in play, I guess where I draw the line is having to go into play and search for the instrument and then load it for every instance (this is much more then one or two clicks and would be time consuming if you had to do it for any track you load in your template; I feel like at that point making the template kind of defeats the purpose of what I want to use a template for - a streamlined workflow.).

b)Also related to this is how much Ram headroom do you guys prefer to avoid spikes in the Ram where it makes your computer crash? When I look in activity monitor, at around 25-27gb of ram loaded the 'memory pressure' turns yellow and it feels like it could crash because at red it crashes and that is not too far away. Do you guys just stay out of the 'yellow'? Or is the 'yellow' pretty safe?

My setup: mid 2011 iMac quad core , 32gb Ram, 1tb ssd internal (sata 3 connection); logic pro 9; libraries I am using at the moment are Hollywood Orchestra, Symphonic choirs, and Storm Drum 3.

Any ideas or tips that improves the workflow/system capability will be much appreciated. Thanks.

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