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Default Hollywood Orchestra for live keyboard rig

I'm a pianist and a keyboardist and I would be very very glad to use some of the patches from Hollywood orchestra for real time keyboard playing on my digital piano.

Unfortunately, I assume Hollywood orchestra interface is not designed for keyboard rig but only for playback in a sequencing program, since the dynamics of the patches controlled by modulation and not by velocity.

When I play string patch for example, it's extremely impractical to controll the dynamics via modulation wheel.
I want to controll the dynamics by the amount strength I apply when I hit the keys.

The question is: is there a way to do what I want with Hollywood Orchestra?

Again, I assume not, but I still have some hope it is possible.
If it isn't it would be very sad, as I won't have some other good VI for strings and brass in the near future, I can't afford another high end orchestral library right now, nor in the near future.

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