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Old 05-15-2008, 01:37 AM
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Default upgrade effects on registrations

This is one of those questions where the real answer is probably to just do it and find out. It has partly been answered by Persentio's answer to Chests question below (thanks Persentio). However...
I am intending, when I get the courage, to replace my aging Pentium4 motherboard and chip with Q6600 chip and appropriate m/b with 4gb ram. I will probably also put in another hard drive and eventually a RME 9632 card.
If I then plug my existing hard drive back in will:
the operating system just go?
will my various libraries which include EWQLSO Silver and Gold think they are in a different computer and wish to be re-registered?
will various other sample packages want to do the same?
I am assuming that Cubase and other Steinberg products will just be happy if the key is still there. Please share any experiences you have of doing this.
Old 05-15-2008, 03:56 AM
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Hi ablyth,

-No the OS won't go. Just be sure to check / set the boot priority of your Hard Disks if you have more than one and make sure the drive with your OS is the one with the highest boot priority and all will be fine.

-With regards to your exsiting Softwares / Sample libraries, I have rearranged all of my hard drives before by re-attaching their SATA cables to different SATA ports on the MOBO, and all of my existing Kompakt-powered EWQL libraries run just fine. My DAW still runs fine too. So I believe you don't need to worry. If you own some EWQL PLAY libraries all you need is your iLok plugged into your PC (however make sure you install the PACE drivers first).

-What other sample packages do you have? If they do require re-registration then just do it again perhaps? Shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

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If you change CPU and mobo, your OS (if it was Windows OEM not BOX version) might not run anymore, and you'd probably need another OEM license.

Also, all NI-powered libraries will require re-activating, but NI Service Center does it all for you in a couple of seconds.

I'd be more worried about Windows license.

- Piotr
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Default Thanks

Thanks for your replies. What you have told me is what I thought might happen. I will have to just do it and see what happens.
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