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Old 12-07-2018, 09:51 AM
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Lightbulb EWQL ever to venture into IOS Mobile?

Hi, first off id like to say that Eastwest has been a dream of mine, every sound is just authentic in every way, and it brings me to this question. Will EWQL ever journey into the realm of Mobile IOS anytime in the future? I ask this because sadly, ive never been able to purchase any EW product due to my lacking of a computer. So ive been relying on GB and ST to fulfill my passion in making music. But something has always been missing. And i think its EW

Its just a suggestion, it would be amazing to be able to use EW and to also use it with software im forced to be comfortable with. Like maybe an EW app & you pay money for a miniature version of like EW HOLLYWOOD STRINGS and so on. I hope this idea/request is going in the right place! And i pray that its something that could be considered! Keep up the awesome work EWQL! 💜
Old 12-08-2018, 10:56 AM
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we're currently only focussing on the Mac OS 10.7+ and Windows 7+.
I'm not too sure if we're going to be venturing into the realm of Mobile
systems, since those are usually relatively weak in comparison to the
required hardware that is needed to run our libraries.

Since it's a suggestion, I'm moving the thread over to our Suggestion Box.

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Old 12-10-2018, 05:13 AM
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I did ask about this question one year ago.
more than just a couple of big companies
has jump on the IOS wagon, to develop
sound libraries, that are cut down version
from PC/ Mac version.
The Ipad properly needs even more powerfull
hardware and only the newest Ipad Pro with 1tb has
6gb system memory, which is far better than
2-4gb of ram, but still not enough for
EWQL sound library, i think ?.
Properly when the next generations of
Ipad Pro’s with A13-14 CPU with 8-16gb of ram,
more proffesional Virtual Instrument
apps could eventually appear in Appstore ??,
or maybe it will never happening!.
I am not trying to sound like an expert,
i wish one day, virtual sampled instrument
could be made for Ipad!, would’nt that
be great.
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