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Originally Posted by Oldfield View Post
Thanks Peter, mine's just a 920, but OC'd to 4GHz and has been super stable since I got it (other than windows / irql_not_less_or_equal BSODs that happen very rarely).

Other than your SSD capacity, your PC is essentially exactly the same as mine specs-wise. If you can still run all those libraries reasonably well with 24GB on that system then I'll stick with this one and just upgrade to more SSDs... rather than buy a whole new system. (For the time being, anyway)
Recently, my sample drives went out on me (both the external and internal drives) and I had to make a judgment call ... replace them with all SSDs, or buy a new computer. I decided to replace the internal drives (1 TB + 2 TB + 2TB), at approx. $1,500. Quite a bit of money to spend on an 8 year old laptop with a permanently dead battery (and no replacement anywhere), but it still runs well. 24 GB is not huge by today's standards but I can run a full orchestral template with everything loaded (approx. 15GB), including the long powerful system patches. So yeah, I'll keep it for several more years.

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I wouldn't say no replacement. From your description, your laptop is a rebranded Clevo D900F, and the company has designed multiple laptops with desktop CPUs since then. There's the older P570WM which could get 6 core and up desktop CPUs like the 3930K, and also the current P775/P870 which support the i7-7700K and 64GB of RAM. You could probably even get a good deal on a laptop with a current CPU but last-gen GPU like the P770DM, since I'm guessing you don't care too much about graphics power.
Old 07-13-2017, 10:05 PM
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Spaces is absolutely awesome. I've been using it for my work for the past year. It might seem like a questionable investment, but man is it amazing.
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I think if you go back and read the last part of the manual for Hollywood Strings it talks about distributing the instruments among different instances of play. I believe the idea is to keep an even amount of voices playing in each instance as so to distribute the load to multiple cores evenly: "As a general rule if you're using more PLAY instruments than you have cores in your computer, then it's best to open at least as many instances as you have cores...the exact arrangement that is best for you depends on which instruments, how consistently each is heard through the peice, the complexity of the instruments (cross-fades are often using more CPU resources at once than other patches), and other factors. If you come up with an arrangement in which each instance [of PLAY] is using about the same number of voices as the other instances, then you are likely using your instances efficiently". Also if you refer to section "5" of the Hollywood string manual it gives a bunch of great advice on template building from the beginning to the end of the section. I would suggest with your current setup to do option "1" [or "2"] - "1" especially with the powerful patches, this way you won't have to load up all the mic positions, until you bounce down in the mixing stage. Actually your computer could probably do option 2 or 3 if you had 32-64gb of ram on total. You could maybe try option 2 on a couple instruments and do option 1 for everything else too, I just think you may reach a limit with the ram if you try to load too many mics. Another option is to disable the RAM either using the unload check box in the center of the player screen to unload mics or unload them from your Ram via your DAW if possible. I personally think disabled templates are the way to go because you can always have only what you are using loaded into the ram, and loading up disabled instruments shouldn't take much longer, usually only and click and a few seconds and bam it's loaded. Your track count can increase dramatically in disabled templates without the need for a slave, although a slave setup ultimately could give more resources to you in terms of CPU and Ram, I think a disabled template can work just as well if your smart about how you set it up for your system.
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Hey Peter,

Just wondering how you're getting along?
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