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I'm not sure how I would work out the phonetics versions of these letters, but I've spelled out what I think the Votox letters should look like. The examples I've put are mostly words in English, with a few French and Spanish words mixed in.

a: "ah" as in "got", "fox"
A: "Aa" as in "Band", "cat"
aE: "I" as in "bite", "dime"
AO: "ow" as in "brown", "mouse"
b: "b" as in "band", "bird"
C!: "ch" as in "chair, ranch"
d: "d" as in "dog", "wed"
e: "ehh" as in "bell", "met"
E: soft "E" as in "Sing", "finger" (sounds more like "Seeng", "Feengur"
eE: "Ay" as in "Weigh", "Gray"
EE: "ee" as in "meet", "green"
F: "F" as in "father", "Finger"
g: "g" as in "go", "dog"
H: "h" as in "heart", "here"
i: "ih" as in "index", "sing", "finger"
iE: "ih ee" like a softer intonation of "ay"
j: "j" as in "jump", "soft g" as in "gym", "cage"
K: "k" as in "wake", "c" as in "car"
l: "l" as in "lime", "learn"
l!: "l" as in "little", "bottle"
m: "m" as in "money", "hammer"
n: "n" as in "run", "new"
n!: "ng" as in "bang", "sing" (Should sound like an "ng" coming from the back of the nose and throat, more than an "n" with a hard "g" coming off the front of the tongue. In Symphonic Choirs, I could literally hear the g like "bangg, "singg". Sounded foreign, as if the singers were singing English with a Polish accent)
o: "o" as in "door", "more", "go"
o!: "Aw" as in "daughter", "naughty", "Australia" (not "Doe-ter", "no-tee", or "o-stralia", but "Daw-ter", "naw-tee", and "Aw-stralia")
O: "Oo" as in "blue", "pool"
oE: "oy" as in "oil", "boy"
oO: "o" as in "yellow", "ocean"
P: "P" as in "pine", "tap"
Q: "q" as in "queen", "quite"
r: "r" as in "run", "car"
r!: "rolling r"
S: "s" as in "so", "soft c" as in "ice"
S!: "sh" as in "sure", "hush", "nation"
T: "t" as in "tear", "rat"
T!: "th" as in "thimble", "earth"
t!: "th" as in "breathe", "father"
u: "uh" as in "just", "gun"
U: "ou" as in "boeuf", "coeur", "put", "could"
uO: softer intonation of "ow", more like "uh-Oo"
ur: "er" as in "bird", "verse", "turn" (In Symphonic Choirs, they had a bit of a foreign intonation to my ears, sounding more like "bud", "vus", and "tun", instead of "Burd, vur, Turn)
v: "v" as in "Dave", "Vera"
w: "w" as in "wet", "wash", "wait"
W!: "hw" as in "Juan", "jueves", "hwhen", "hwhy", sort of like blowing out a candle!
X: "x" as in "ax", "fix"
y: "y" as in "yarn", "yes"
z: "z" as in "zero", "Liza"
z!: "zh" as in "measure", "azure", "garage"
I also wonder, how would you equate the pronunciation of characters like , , , , and ? Would they be pronounced like "ah", "ehh", "ih", "ur", and "ih-ee"? Words like "nglein", "Chlo", "nave", "schn", and frh"?

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