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Old 05-15-2017, 05:12 PM
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yeah well I mean, SM + breath controller is a match made in heaven, but that also costs a lot more to get going...

but a cheap breath controller on the other hand can squeeze more out of your brass/woods and even strings, while still setting you up for the SM route down the line.

I'm considering a swap back to HB mostly just because I can't get the roli to play well with SM brass... roli + swam instruments is a dream come true - but roli + kontakt is meh, however it seems to work decently well with play.

also - the chet singer reaktor ensembles have some good stuff if you get a breath controller, so that's potentially free if you have reaktor

there are a ton of midi plugins, and that's what I suggest using tbh... you can pick up the Piz midiconverter and turn incoming CC2 to CC1 or CC11 if you'd like on a per plugin basis... this lets you keep your BC at CC2 incase you want to use it differently than just replacing your modwheel... i.e. using modwheel for dynamics and breath for vibrato
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Old 06-13-2017, 08:02 AM
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Hi guys.

Thanks for all the replies - sorry it's taken a while for me to get back. I did go ahead and get myself the TeControl breath & bite controller mk II, and - well, I've been experimenting :-)

Though it's true that the EW libraries I have probably aren't a *perfect* fit for this device, e.g. you can't really set it up so as to switch to appropriate staccato articulations when you blow a staccato pattern or anything like that, I'm none the less extremely glad I got it. To me it's a really intuitive, quick and easy way to get some extremely nice expression in place. And very nice on sustained or legato strings as well as wind and brass.

Basically I'm finding I often only need one pass with the thing to get a result I'm happy with, whereas I probably would have spent half an hour or so tinkering with mod or expression faders on the keyboard to get to that same point. Getting natural sounding note tails is a bit tricky - dropping breath at the same time as a release tail is playing can result in the tail sounding rather abruptly chopped short if you aren't careful - but nothing you can't adjust to.

Anyway, I figured I'd do a quick mock-up of a piece from Jerry Goldsmith's 1979 Alien soundtrack that is very expressive, and that I'm particularly fond of. Probably only took me about 2 hours all up, and turned out pretty nicely. It's at


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