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Old 04-21-2019, 09:56 AM
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Default Mixing Hollywood Orchestra with Symphonic Orchestra

I'm generally a single vendor guy and so have just a bunch of EW libraries. My music is orchestral and small ensemble (classical background), so the more acoustic instrumentation I have the better. In the EastWest Symphonic Orchestra walkthrough David Earl says he mixes Symphonic and Hollywood. Thoughts, anybody else do this? Differences I've picked up on
  • Made before EW bought the studio - recorded in concert hall instead of studio
  • Has a differernt sound - vintage? More melancholic? Some posts online think so.
  • Different kind of instrumentation, more effects and oddball/interesting patches in Symphonic
  • No true legato in SO
  • More articulations in HO
  • HO take more system resources
  • Some different instrumentation such as Harpsichord in SO

For an orchestra composer would this be a useful addition for (on sale) $400, thoughts? I've done searches and seen people in the past saying they both have a place, I guess I'm wondering if in now in 2019 is it getting kind of old for this.
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Old 04-23-2019, 05:00 PM
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Default Still valid

I still use SO and think it's still valid...
As you mentioned it has a lot of 'effects' patches that HO is missing, a much fuller and deeper concert bass drum (Wagner), the harpsichord and a darker, warmer sound.
The Q legato patches don't hold up against HO's true lagato though!
If you want to mix the two libraries add a concert hall reverb that's as close to the SO release samples as you can find (EW Spaces 2 has a couple that fit the bill) and send twice as much HO to it as you send SO (SO is very wet already) or alternatively you could mute the release samples in SO and send it to the EW studio reverb!
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