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Default Rewriting, mistakes, and personal work

Hello David, thank very much for taking the time to come here and answer some of our questions; thank you also to east west / soundsonline. I really appreciate that you've come on here and willing to help us out by providing us with some valuable information.

I already read another post where you said you edit as you go and thus usually don't have to go back and change much, so I assume that means once you reach the end of the scene, the whole cue is pretty much finished.
  • i'm wondering how the process usually goes. You talk to the director about what he wants, so then you have some ideas in your head to work on. How much do you do before you check with the director again? How many times and at what stages has the director heard your progress by the time you've finished a cue (regardless whether it's a mockup or the finished product.)
  • What happens to any music that is rejected by either you or the director, and won't be used in the finished music? Is it deleted forever, or maybe you keep around for a person project?
Thank you very much, I excitedly wait for your reply.
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I usually write 2 or 3 cues and then play it for the director. If they don't like the cues I start over. If they like some parts of it and not others I fix the parts they don't like and play it for them again. I have written some cues 15-16 times before they like it. Usually it just takes a couple of times. You have to be flexible. I never keep deleted cues. Hope this helps...

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