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Default Orchestration Technique for Loud Percussion?

Hey David.

I was wondering if, whenever you have a piece with a percussion track that needs to be loud, you could tell me how you make the pitched instruments (horns, strings, etc.) break through it.

Also, how would you do it if the drums were louder than the instruments, and the instruments were at their full velocity?

Thank you for your time,

14 year-old composer, Phillip Lober.
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Turn down the DRUMS if it's too loud and compress it differently. Or compress the orchestra a bit on the master output (or Orchestra sub master). Also, you can double things in an orchestra to make things louder. Essentially orchestration is an analogue way of making things louder, softer, as well as all the other things it does. Hope this makes sense. All the best....for your future....dave

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