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Old 12-09-2016, 11:42 PM
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Hello everybody
My pc configuration consists of FX8350 32GB of ram
mounted on a motherboard asus sabertooth 990fx
SSD 256go for windows 10 pro 2 ssds 500go in raid 0 software
and 3 hard drives of 7to in total and a motu 828 mk3 hybrid sound card.
For the software, I use PLay 5 , Sibelius 8 , Pro tools 12
and Vienna Ensemble Pro 6.
I did not arrive since many to explain why I had load times
also long for my template.
I tried to change some settings(example:remove raid 0 change sata ports
or make a clean installation)Nothing.
For time, some time ago I remember that when I was under
windows 7 or 8 and PLay 4 it was much faster.
I was beginning to take an interest in Ssd m2 much faster than ssd sata.
And then I fell a little by chance has to seek solutions on an article in a computer forum.So I wanted to share that
The problem comes from Windows Defender(for me under Windows 10)
which when the banks are loaded systematically analyzes the files and slows down considerably the process.
It is therefore imperative to dedicate its disk to the banks and exclude it from the analysis of windows defender.
I know some will surely tell me but you did not know
But I prefer to share this information.
Because when like me you own the whole series hollywood in diamond version and you go from a loading time of almost 20 minutes to 2 minutes
For me it is a problem finally solved and it is a miracle for me.
I will finally be able to get back to my passion "The Music"
Please excuse me for this english approximate (google translation)
I am french
Best Regards
Old 12-10-2016, 09:16 AM
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I also exclude my Sample(SSD) Drives from Windows Defender scanning.
Custom Made DAW Computer System by REMIS COMPUTER SOLUTIONS consisting of a Intel 5820k OC to 4.5Ghz, 32GB RAM, Windows 8.1, 5-850EVO SSD's, Pro Tools 11.3.1
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Old 12-10-2016, 09:57 AM
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I also exclude the Play.exe as a process for Windows Defender.
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