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Question Googled This, No Real Answer: What Is Studio One 3 Pro Missing for MIDI?

Regarding MIDI Orchestrating, not anything else, has anyone truly given S13 Pro a run for the money and found some MIDI showstoppers that make it a really bad idea to use? This seems to be a hard answer to find, I just keep seeing "it's limiting", etc. That's fine, I'd like to know where, NOT for "my DAW is better" arguments, but because I'm seasoned at audio tracking, mixing and mastering and for that I couldn't be happier with S13 Pro. BUT, I'm more of a noob to MIDI Composing and I'd like to stay with the DAW I know and love, and will be fine waiting for PreSonus to add features as they've been doing all along. But if there are any showstoppers, I'd like to know that. One area I heard was video support when scoring, but all I know is the topic, not exactly what's missing. Thanks in advance!
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