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Old 11-10-2017, 04:36 PM
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Default Finale to EW

Ok, I'm a newbie here. Need some basic help.

I've just subscribed to ComposerCloud and spent most of the day downloading libraries. Excited about all the possible sounds!

Here's my situation, I'm taking an existing Finale (25) score for wind ensemble, and I'm hoping to use EW Play to make a decent-sounding audio rendering. Right now, I'm just messing around with a flute part, just to get the lay of the land.

My flute part contains "normal" notes, slurred notes, staccato notes, several different dynamic levels, and hairpins. These are all notated in my Finale file. The question is, how do I set up Play so that it'll play back all of those things?

Here's my confusion:
1) There are a zillion different flute samples (I'm looking in Hollywood Orchestral Woodwinds Gold). It seems that I need to be able to switch between samples, based on the articulation.
2) The dynamic markings don't seem to do anything.

So, can anyone provide me some basic advice with how to get this flute part to have the variety of dynamics and articulations that I need?

(Technical info:
I'm using Finale 25 on a Windows 7 machine
I have no DAW experience, but I have a ton of Finale notation experience
I do not have a separate DAW to use for this, and I don't plan on investing in one in the immediate future...certainly not before I have to have this project completed by...)

Thanks for any help!
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